How does this site work? What does it do?

This web site allows you to record a journey you take on the inland waterways (currently UK based), once you have recorded the journey you can see this on a map, as a breakdown of the places you have visited and the statistics such as average speed, number of locks worked and distance travelled.

This site and the Navvygator application are free to use and are written by an enthusiastic boater on a hobby basis.

If you want to get in touch or have a problem, see this page.

There are three ways to use this site and record your journeys, in ease of use order:

  • Navvygator - sat nav for inland waterways
  • GPS recording from your smart phone/Garmin device
  • Manually whilst your on the move

Details of these three methods are described in the boxes below.

Using Navvygator

Easiest way to record your journey.

Navvygator is a Windows application which provides waterway and street level maps whilst on your boat and on the move.

No internet connection is required for this to work - although not all features will be available.

Requires a GPS device for your computer

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Smart Phone & Tablet PC

Use the GPS on your smart phone/tablet (iPod, iPad, Android) device to record your boat journey.

Save the recording in GPX format and email to the Water Explorer website which will automatically import the recording for you.

Email address to use is displayed once you have registered and logged in.

You will need an app on your phone/tablet to record the GPS data - this is not supplied by Water Explorer.


Whist underway on your boat, use your mobile phone (or computer) to select the starting location (a bridge or lock for instance) and then click each place as you go past it. You don't need to select every place you pass but your timings and statistics will be more accurate if you do.

No GPS device needed

Mobile Internet connection required (phone or 3g card)


Your privacy is always protected, your location will only be disclosed if you allow it.

Look in your settings page once logged on to change this preference.