Navvygator Frequently Asked Questions

This page describes common questions users have asked about the Navvygator software and operating it on their computers.

Pertelian External LCD display

Pertelian LCD text display

Navvygator can make use of an external text based display from www.pertelian.com to display text information on your location as you travel. You can then mount the display near the steering position on your boat. Ensure you are using the latest drivers from here.

Supported GPS devices

Most computer orientated GPS devices are suitable for use with Navvygator - anything that can be detected by your computer and assigned a COM port and also supports the NMEA protocol.

Navvygator has been tested with several common GPS devices, including Bluetooth wireless units and GPS devices.

If you don't currently have a GPS unit, recommend the GlobalSat BU-353-S4 USB GPS Receiver . This also has a magnetic base which is ideal for steel canal boat roofs.


Onspeed is a paid for service which increases your slow Internet connection by compressing the files before you download them.

Navvygator does NOT require Onspeed to be installed/running, however if it is installed you may get an error code 'HTTP Status 417: Expectation Failed' from Navvygator.

If you do, visit the Onspeed support site for instructions on adding an exception for the www.waterexplorer.co.uk website - instructions are here. Navvygator's map files are heavly compressed already so will not benefit from using Onspeed.

Proxy Servers

Navvygator doesn't support proxy servers which require authentication. Passive proxy servers should work.

Garmin GPS devices

Garmin GPS receivers can be used with Navvygator, however Navvygator ONLY supports industry standard NMEA GPS protocol.  The USB versions of Garmin GPS receivers (like Garmin 18) do not support NMEA, they only support Garmin’s own protocol.

These receivers can be made to work with Navvygator, but will need to be 'translated' from Garmin format to NMEA using specalist software. The Franson GPS Gate Express software can perform this function and has been shown to work and is also available for a 30 day free trial.

Does Navvygator Work With TomTom/Navi/Mio Sat Navs?

No - these devices are designed to be used standalone in a car/bike and cannot be used with Navvygator. You will need a dedicated GPS device you can plug into your computer. See 'Supported Devices' above for examples.

Blue Screen Errors In Windows

Navvygator is written in the Microsoft .NET language which makes it very difficult for it to cause Windows to produce a blue screen. If this does happen whilst using Navvygator is more than likely down to a Windows device driver for a device you have plugged into your PC/laptop.

If you are using the GlobalSat BU-353 GPS device, ensure you have installed the latest Windows drivers.

Cheap bluetooth USB devices are also known to cause instability with Windows. Please ensure you are using the latest drivers for your device.